A complete design service from concept through to production.

General analogue electronic design.

Precision analogue electronic design.

RF, to beyond 1GHz. Low power RF a speciality.

Switched mode power supply, SMPS, design.

Antenna design.

Design for EMC rejection.

PCB design.

As part of any design project I can assist in customers gaining product approvals when required.

FMEA (failure mode effects analysis) and FMECA (failure mode effects and criticality analysis).

Reliability analysis.

Nuclear hardened design including EMP and NEMP protection.

Build and test

Hand build of through hole and SMD down to 0402.

Assembly of first prototypes suitable for approval testing.

Test of finished product.

Radiated emissions testing for EMC compliance and transmitter radiated signal strength.

Other services

Expert witness: on two occasions I have provided information for legal actions. One is still sub judice, the other involved a patent infringement complaint, where one company claimed to own the rights to a particular circuit configuration. I was able to show that the circuit had been documented some years prior to the patent application being filed.

Documentation: test specifications, approval documentation, user documents and engineering reports

IET mentoring: for graduates wanting to become full members of the IET.


NEC - WinNEC Plus used for wire antenna designs.

Mathcad 2000 - used for complex spreadsheets, graphical analyses and routine calculations.

MS Office

Open Office - the free home and business package. Get your copy here.

Easy PC

Eagleware (now Genesys)


PSPICE and Simetrix

Ansoft Ensemble

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